Free Studies

In addition to the proprietary research we conduct for our clients, knowDigital is committed to sharing research-based insights into the most important issues and trends shaping the new media landscape. Below is information on the many studies available for free from knowDigital. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required for all reports.)

NextRadio, July 2014
knowDigital recently completed a two-part study in conjunction with Coleman Insights, the NAB and Emmis Communications which reveals the NextRadio app has the potential to address the portability needs of radio listeners. To learn more of the results of this study click here.

Latest Insights into Streaming Audio Consumers, September 2012
At knowDigital, we regularly study streaming consumers so that we can share the latest thinking in this fast-moving digital entertainment category. Our latest insights follow in-depth interviews with streaming audio consumers and a nationwide survey completed in August. To view a 10-minute streaming presentation originally presented at RAIN Summit Dallas 2012, click here.

Research Reveals How Radio Stations Can Better Engage Their Audiences on Facebook, September 2011
With nearly half of the U.S. population using Facebook, it is only natural that most radio broadcasters have attempted to engage their audiences in some fashion on this social media platform. knowDigital conducted a series of in-depth interviews with Facebook fans of an Alternative radio station in a major market to gain insights into whether radio stations are truly engaging their audience on Facebook and what works best to connect with consumers. While listener expectations will likely vary by specific radio format, this “Quick Look” report offers a number of general insights on Facebook engagement with implications for a range of radio formats as well as other traditional media brands looking to engage their audience on Facebook. Access the report from our "Quick Look" study by clicking here. In addition, you can click here to view an 11-minute streaming presentation of our findings.

Challenges in News Migration to Digital Media, August 2011
Over a decade after the initial launch of local newspaper and TV websites, few entrants are finding success in both audience and revenue. knowDigital conducted a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews among traditional news audiences and digital media users to gain insights into how traditional news media outlets must build, mold and image their enterprises into profitable digital businesses going forward. Access the report from our "Quick Look" study by clicking here. In addition, you can click here to view a 10-minute streaming presentation of our findings.

Challenges and Opportunities for In-Car Streaming Radio, April 2011
Is in-car streaming the "next frontier" for radio? knowDigital completed one-on-one interviews with dozens of consumers who use streaming audio to gain insights into the potential of in-car usage for this medium. Access the report from our "Quick Look" study by clicking here. In addition, you can click here to view a 12-minute streaming presentation of our findings.

Real iPad Users' Early Reaction to The Daily, March 2011
knowDigital provided consumers who own iPads with access to "The Daily," the news application introduced by News Corporation in February 2011, and then gathered their initial reactions to the product through one-on-one interviews. Click here to download a free copy of the report.

Successful Audio Streaming Strategies, September 2010
This national study provides insights into the brand landscape of the streaming audio marketplace and debuted in partnership with our parent company Coleman Insights at RAIN Summit East on September 28, 2010. Available for free download are the original report, as well as a supplementary report we released in December 2010 containing additional findings from the study.